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Series VFA&VFB

Visi-Float® Flowmeters
Used to Indicate or Manually Control Air or Water Flow (front and back connectors)


Series VFC & VFCii

Visi-Float® Flowmeters
Used to Indicate Air or Water Flow (top and bottom connectors)

Series VFF

Visi-Float® Flowsetter Flowmeters
Indicate or Manually Control Water Flow, Install in Any Position


Series RM

Rate-Master® Flowmeters
Moulded of tough polycarbonate plastic. Used to indicate or manually control air or gas flow from .1-1800 SCFH water flows to 10 GPM.

Series HF

In-Line Flow Monitors -
For Air, Water or Caustic Fluids. Ranges from 2-22 SCFM, 0.5-50 GPM; from 600 to 6000 PSIG.


Series UV

Ultra-View™ Polysulfone Flowmeter
Monitor Water Flow Rates from .25 to 40 GPM, Air Rates from 1 to 100 SCFM.


Series DR

Direct Reading Glass Flowmeters
65 mm and 150 mm, ±5% FS Accuracy, Interchangeable Flowtubes


Series VA

PTFE/Glass Flowmeters
Variable Area, Universal 65 mm and 150 mm Scales, ±2% FS Accuracy

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Series SFI-800

Sight Flow Indicator/Transmitter
Low Cost, Optional Output for Flow Rate and Totalization
New UV Stabilized Polycarbonate Model

Series GFC

Gas Mass Flow Controllers
Flow Range Up to 1000 L/min, Pressures Up to 500 psi, NIST Traceable

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Series V4

Flotect® Vane Operated Flow Switch
Field adjustable - 1 1/2 to 20 inch pipe. Leak proof body.


Series V6

Flotect® Mini-Size Flow Switch
Proof of flow or no flow in 1/2 to 2" pipe. Explosion-proof body.


Series V8

Flotect® Vane Operated Flow Switch
Field adjustable - 1 to 6 inch pipe. Leak proof body.


Model V10 & V11

Flotect® Mini-Size Flow Switch
Proof of flow or no flow in 1/2 to 2" Pipe. Low cost reliability, leak proof body.

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Model 471-1

Digital Thermo Anemometer
Four Air Velocity ranges to 0-15,000 FPM, 0-70 MPS, ±3% Full Scale Accuracy, Low in cost. Temperature measurement to 200°F, 100°C.

[USB connection option]

Model 471-2

with telescopic probe

Model 471-3

with telescoping bendable tip

Model 460

Air Meter
A Low-Cost, Direct Reading Instrument Used
for Both Air Velocity & Static Pressure Tests

Series 160/166/167

Pitot Tubes
ASME Design Meets AMCA and ASHRAE Codes.

Air Velocity Kits
Digital Manometer and Pitot Tube for Balancing System Air Flows

Model 475-1-FM-AV

Model 475-1T-FM-AV

Series 475

Mk III Handheld Digital Manometer
Ranges from 1 in. w.c. to 150 psid, ±0.5% Accuracy

Model VT-200

Vane Thermo-Anemometer
Measures Air Volume, Air Velocity, and Temperature, Built-in Datalogging

Series 400

Air Velocity Meters

Measure both pressure and air velocity

Back to Top Air Filter Gauges

Mark II

Molded Plastic Air Velocity Meters
Low in Cost – Direct Reading Scales Offer 3% Accuracy –
For Portable or Stationary Applications

Model 250-AF

Inclined Manometer Air Filter Gages
Precision Machined, Solid Acrylic Plastic Gages, Accurate To ±1% Of Full Scale










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