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Dwyer Divisions

Mercoid Controls produces a broad range of pressure, temperature, and level controls for use in heavy industrial, petrochemical, and electrical utility plants. Established in 1916, Mercoid has been serving industry for over 80 years. Our joining with Dwyer Instruments, Inc., combines over 150 years of experience to produce an even stronger and more resourceful company to serve your instumentation and control needs. We have over 3,000 products from Dwyer, Mercoid, W.E. Anderson, Proximity and Love Controls including the Merciod DA Series.


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Series PBLT2 & PBLTX

Submersible Level Transmitter
Perfect for Sludge and Slurries, Lightning Protected, Intrinsically Safe

Series SBLT2 & SBLTX

Submersible Level Transmitter
Perfect for Ground Water and Wells, Lightning Protected or Intrinsically Safe

Series CRF2

Capacitive Level Transmitter
Powder, Bulk or Liquids

Series MPC

Pump Controller
One or Two Pump Control with Built-in Alternation, Over Temperature Protection and Seal Failure Monitoring


Series MPC Jr.

Pump Controller
One or Two Pump Control with Built-in Alternation

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Series M-51

Bi-Metal Air Temperature Switch
Double Adjustable, Heavy Duty, Universal Mounting, Automatic or Manual Reset


Series FM

Immersion Temperature Control
Visible Setpoint Adjustment, Adjustable Deadband, Monitor Liquids to 300F (149C)


Two-Stage Temperature Controls

Temperature Ranges to 550F

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Series DA/DS

Bourdon Tube Pressure Switch
Pressure Ranges to 8000 psi (551.6 bar)

Series BB

Bourdon Tube Differential Pressure Switch
Stainless Steel Bourdon Tubes, Adjustable Deadband, Pressure Ranges to 8000 psig, Optional Explosion-proof Enclosure

Series SA1100

Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch
Visible Setpoint, Adjustable Deadband, Hermetically Sealed Snap Switch, Weatherproof and Explosion-proof

Series AP

Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch
Visible Setpoint Adjustment, Compact, Low Cost, Snap Action Switch, Optional Weatherproof or Explosion-proof Housings

Series A4

Differential Pressure Switch
Adjustable Set Point, High Overpressure

Series DP

Double Bellows Differential Pressure Switch
Visible Setpoints, Adjustable or Fixed Deadband, High Pressure ranges

Series ES 

Electronic Pressure Switch
Adjustable Set Point, Status Light, NEMA 4 Enclosure

Series 1000E/1000W

Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch
Visible Setpoint, Fixed Deadband, Pressure Ranges to 1400 psi.

Over Pressure Protection to 3000 psi

Series 1000E Explosion proof

Series 1000W Weather proof

Series D-900 

Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches

Over-Pressure Diaphragm Controls

Series PG 

Gas Pressure/Differential Pressure Switch
External Adjustment, Visible Dial, Hermetically Sealed Snap or Mercury Switch

Series CS & CD 

Diaphragm Pressure Switch
Visible Set Points, Fixed or Adjustable Deadband

Series A1S 

Low Cost OEM Pressure Switch
316 SS or Buna-N Diaphragm, Optional Weatherproof Enclosure, Ranges from 3-20 to 50-500 psig









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