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Dwyer Divisions

Love Controls was acquired by Dwyer Instruments, Inc. in 1989. Love Controls produces a broad range of instruments and sensors for temperature and process control. Instruments range from the simplest of single board controls to sophisticated microprocessor based products capable of computer communication. Temperature sensors include thermocouple and RTD assemblies and accessories.

All Love Controls Products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability. They are backed by a solid warranty and years of practical field experience.

When your plant or product applications calls for outstanding temperature and process instrument performance, call on the proven experience and quality of Love Controls.


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Temperature Controllers

Model 32DZ

Temperature/Process Controller
1/32 DIN, Dual Zone Control, Fuzzy Logic, Self-Tune PID

Series 32A

Temperature Controller/Process
1/32 DIN, Universal Input, Self-Tune, Fuzzy Logic


1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
Universal Input, Dual Temperature Output Controls, RS-485 Interface


Temperature Controller/Process
1/16 DIN, Universal Input, Fuzzy Logic, Self-Tune PID


1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
Dual Control Output, RS-485 Communication, Universal Inputs


1/16 DIN Temperature Controller
PID Control, Auto-Tuning, Dual Display


1/4 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
Dual Control Output, RS-485 Standard, Auto-Tuning


1/4 DIN Temperature Controller
PID Control, Auto-Tuning, Large Dual Display


Temperature/Process Controller
1/4 DIN Self-Tune PID, Fuzzy Logic Software


1/8 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
Vertical Mount, Dual Control Output, RS-


1/8 DIN Temperature Controller
ON/OFF or PID Control, Auto-Tuning


Temperature/Process Controller
1/8 DIN, Fully Programmable, Self-Tune PID


DIN Rail Temperature/Process Controller
Universal Inputs, Up to 8 PID Loops, Modbus® Communications


DIN Rail Mount Temperature/Process Control
Universal Input, Two-Color Dual Display


Limit Control
FM Approved, Large, Dual Display, Universal Input


Thermocouple Limit Control
FM Approved, J/K/S Thermocouple, 15 Amp Relay Rating


Thermocouple Temperature Switch
Heating and Cooling Control, 15 Amp Rating, Two Alarms


Digital Temperature Switch
Easy Multi-Unit Programming, 15A SPDT Relay Output


Digital Temperature Switch
3-Digit Display, Heating/Cooling Control, 16 Amp Relay


Dual Stage Temperature Switch
Two Independent Relay Outputs, Heating or Cooling Control


Digital Temperature Switch
Dual Input, Cooling Applications, Single or Dual Relay Output

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Temperature Sensors

Series AVG

Averaging Temperature Sensor
Bendable Aluminum Casing, RTD or Thermistor

Series S

Surface Mount Temperature Sensor
RTD and Thermistor, 304 SS Probe, Waterproof

Series I-1

Immersion Temperature Probes
RTD & Thermistor, 304 SS Probe

Series I-2

Immersion Sensor Assemblies
Plastic Enclosure, RTD Sensor

Series I-4

Weatherproof Immersion Assemblies
NEMA 4 (IP-65), RTD Sensor

Series RTD

Resistance Temperature Detector
High Temperature, Mineral Insulated, 316 SS Sheath

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Humidity Switch
Programmable, 8 Amp Relay, 3-Digit Relay


Temperature/Humidity Switch
Independent Displays, 61 Programmable Parameters, 4 SPST Relays

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Process Control


Current Switches
Universal Output, Solid or Split Core Case










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